30 min - $40  
45min - $58
60 min - $70

Tarot is a gift. There's something about the pictures that pull me in. Imagine: the figures coming alive & share their perspective on the mystery of lyfe with you. This approach has allowed me to develop a deep relationship with tarot.  This relationship allows me to have clear and direct conversations with the subconscious, divine guides, Spirit, and high vibrational ancestors. We'll use the tarot as a tool to help us connect and gain insight on questions & curiosities you have.


60 min - $70

Together we will explore deep fears, subconscious shadow desires, blocks and energy patterns that keep you playing small. I’ll lovingly guide you through the alchemical practices of existential kink where you’ll connect to your power to transform old ways of being. Combine this work with planetary/spellwork for some life changing magic results!


45 min - $58

These sessions delve into discovering what planetary energy will best support you in your magical workings. Note: planetary work is best done in conjunction with subconscious shadow work/shadow integration because you will definitely get what you (read your subconscious self/ not your conscious self) wish for 😊


30 min-$35

"An altar is a magical externalization of your psyche, an 'exterior' space set aside to represent your internal space," Carolyn Elliot, INFLUENCE

In this session you'll identify one area of focus (health, relationships, wealth, self love/love etc) to transform using your altar to communicate with your subconscious, your psyche and the realm of manifestation.  I'll share stones/crystals, plants, essential oils, and planetary deities specific to your area of focus to greatly enhance the effectiveness of your magical workings 🔮

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i've been in my feelings for as long as i can remember. in 2017 i started studying natural magic and reading tarot. in 2019, i began working with my uplifted ancestors which amplifies all of the work that I offer as a medicine woman. because i am a virgo with a triple exalted mind, anything i am interested in, calls me forward strongly and deeply. what a blessing. what i love most about myself is my imagination and my innerstanding that life is empty and meaningless: this combination makes me an unstoppable author of my life. welcome.

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