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why cleaning matters

i'm sharing about spiritual baths because they have been one of the greatest supports and major road openers into deepening my relationship with my honorable ancestors, divine guides, and powerful lineage that i descend from.

no rule is hard and fast (especially if you are not initiated) so you decide how you want to experience the practice of spiritual cleansing or spiritual baths.

until this year i meandered in and out of cleansing-typically using blessing herbs* to clear my space and pass over my body but that was the extent of that.

spiritual baths were gifted to us long ago and used by many different people across the planet.

i never knew how much i had on me energetically/emotionally from my own experience of trauma, sexual trauma, racial trauma, living under white supremacy etc *and* other people's trauma, both living and not living. but there is a lot! and that makes sense to me!

part of what's fun about this work is discovering what plants your people/lineage used to cleanse themselves. if you don't have a person to ask directly, you can ask for help out loud:

"hi! thank you for all you offer in this life. i'm calling to the healing spirit of plants. can you help me connect with the plants that my people have used historically to cleanse. what plants want to come forward as powerful cleansers."

i like to use two to three different plants that are used in the Hoodoo tradition.

i like to do these baths the day before, the day of, and the day after the full moon.

the full moon is a powerful time for illumination and cleaning.

there are plenty of things to read in books, hear from elders, and google that will share why working with the full moon for cleaning is powerful. these are important resources *and* what comes up when you ask the moon what the moon wants you specifically to know is also vip and can't be found anywhere else.

i ask grandmother moon for guidance, and i ask if they are open to teaching me what they feel i am ready to learn.

i spend a couple days before the bathing process thinking about what I want to release.

this shit is very real. things will be released. consider saying goodbye to them.


*blessing herbs of turtle island: sweetgrass, cedar, white sage and tobacco. in the past i used white sage-i stopped that practice and now use cedar. i invite you to consider transitioning as well if you are still using white sage, sweetgrass, or palo santo. xxo

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