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You Can't Untangle My Roots

Here I am listening as my father weaves his vision through the phone:

“Yeah a holistic center where all types of people from all over the world and all parts of life: black, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, white, everyone... where we farm the land, the elders watch the young and we work with the land & are nourished by the food in a way that has us building our clairvoyance and seeing what the future will bring.”

I look at the phone in my hand, my mouth is open in shock as I listen and he describes part of my current reality. Something sticks out to me though...

My mind drifts & chatters to me one of the oldest stories/conversations in my being: "race". "Even white people? Wow, hmm?"

What there is to know is that almost every morning there I am in my bathroom moving through my morning routine/ritual, listening to the Cosmic I Am by Adama Alaji and as this one line plays:

“O Cosmic I Am… even as to love You truly is to serve everyone and All Things”

I stop and think to myself: “Can I really do that? Serve everyone?

See, I know that everyone and all things are a manifestation of God and I love God/The Creator/ The Universe etc so that could only mean that I want to love everyone and all things! Annnnnd I question my ability to do so lol.

The list of trespasses and sins grows longer daily in our present world, I could say today the rope just looks different and the strange fruit still swings just as heavy as it did when Billie sang that truth. I just can’t seem to forget… So can I really serve all people?

I grapple with this as I move through my life. I know nothing is set in stone. It is something that sticks out to me, like a pebble stuck in my shoe.

Now, you find me mostly at peace with the inquiry. I don’t even think there is necessarily something for me to do about it.

I see that it’s my father’s vision and dream that has me wonder newly on a centuries long song/conversation/question.

What I do know is that my roots can not be untangled. They are living inside of me.

What I do know is that prayer and gratitude are two of the most ancient technologies and tools of black people.

Knocking, Seeking, Asking.

In my sessions, my Irish lineage shows up almost immediately and with great strength and clarity, not always but often, because the person I am working with carries the same bloodline.

It’s all electric and my blood glows. To bust a groove in a new direction in this thang means a deep dive in the direction of me, you = us.

Everyone I work with comes out enhanced by beginning to collect what is theirs. Thank you for being on your journey.

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